Contract Basics
Published on:
January 25, 2024
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Lawyers facilitate the business; the business expands it

Luciana Gasser

Lawyers facilitate business growth, yet they are often perceived as "business stoppers" or accused of slowing down operations. This perception arises from their engagement in repetitive tasks that consume significant time. Routine tasks, such as reviewing a simple NDA or amending a low-risk contract clause, should not detract from their strategic thinking time, for which they were originally hired.

In an ideal world, sales, product, finance, and legal teams would sit at the same table to discuss new cases or projects together. Lawyers would address compliance issues, finance would evaluate the capital expenditure and economics of the effort, while marketing and sales would focus on generating traction and leads for this new idea. This strategic thinking should be allocated sufficient time to process and evaluate the best scenarios for planning and risk mitigation but rarely happens. 

In reality, lawyers are often caught up with deadlines, inundated with emails, and bombarded with review requests from teams that either forget or do not know to include experts in the discussion. This results in business processes being slowed down. This is entirely preventable.

With Cheers, you can standardise and automate routine tasks, freeing up time for strategic thinking where you can add real value as a lawyer.

How can stakeholders contribute to business success?

By being part of it. Cheers is a platform that everyone can use and enjoy. Product, sales, and operations teams will have a repository to access approved contracts, facilitating the continuation of negotiations and deals. Legal teams can set templates and business rules in advance, freeing up their time for strategic thinking. Directors will gain a comprehensive overview of the business's status, including the number of contracts being negotiated, their purposes, their values, and, importantly, what is working and what is not.

Why can a contract management solution benefit the business?

Just as an email is necessary to send an offer, a contract is essential to seal the deal. In today's modern world, sending a contract from a public source is better than nothing, but how do you sign it? How do you negotiate it? How do you determine what is effective or identify areas for improvement to avoid repetitive bad negotiations?

Cheers addresses these questions by providing a platform designed for team collaboration, simplifying daily tasks, and offering the necessary information for experts to make swift decisions.

Start celebrating contracts and agreeing with Cheers.


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