Grow on a global scale as a Cheers Partner

Global business can be complex and time-consuming. Cheers Partners empower their clients to make global contracting more accessible than ever.

Why become a Cheer partner?

| Create a global competitive edge
Solve complex and expensive issues for your customers by offering global contract solution, to speed up processes and gain efficiencies.
| Keep up with today’s workforce
Help improve the contract turnaround and company turnover for your customers while helping them stay up-to-date with the global evolving workforce.
| Unlock expert support
Cheers offers partner-specific support that includes dedicated partner managers, education and training, product announcements, and access to Cheers’s global sales team.
| A program for every business
Cheers’s comprehensive partner offerings include options like referral, reseller, hybrid, perks, product integration, white labeling, affiliate, and more
| Enjoy robust incentives
Partner incentives can include ongoing revenue share, referral commissions, discounts, and referral business from the Cheers Marketplace.
| Create new business opportunities
Through the Cheers Marketplace, partners have the opportunity to offer their own products and services to Cheers users at global scale.

How to create new business as a Cheers Partner

Tap into powerful partner benefits
We put our expertise with yours

When your clients contract with Cheers, we bring our expertise in contracting and negotiation to improve efficiency.

Global scaling, in an instant

Your clients immediately gain access to an international contract solution, to speed up their process and start getting contracts signed faster anywhere in the world.

Ongoing training and education
Doing global business is complex. Cheers Partners can access new resources and on-demand support to ensure their clients have a world-class experience.
GDPR compliance

We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world, so your clients can rest assured that you’re doing things the right way and everything’s secure.

Partners helping us build the marketplace for our clients needs

Become a Cheers Partner

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