About Cheers

A Next Generation Solution for Commercial Contracts

Why Cheers

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking about things differently, critically and with an improvement approach. 

The way we challenge the status quo is by making our product secure, simple and easy to use — which happens to make great contract management solutions

Our Mission

Cheers mission is to provide decision-makers with an easy-to-use, secure and efficient contract management solution.

Contracts can be a bridge to new opportunities, and with our platform, you can take full control of the contract process and ensure you never miss out.Cheers gives you full control over your contracts portfolio for organic and compliant growth. We offer expertly drafted contracts, with all of the required terms and conditions, e-signature and features to facilitate a quicker and easier process – enabling you to build long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: we want to be the go-to platform any time you need to close a contract. 

To achieve that vision, we have built an easy-to-use, streamlined, and innovative digital experience – the first truly global digital contract management platform made for business and their decision makers.

Our Founders

Cheers is the brainchild of two lawyers, both of whom specialized in international business law. From corporate lawyers to entrepreneurs, Luciana and Lucio may have different backgrounds, but they share the same goals.


Luciana holds an LLM in Corporate Law, and has many years of experience in corporate law for large enterprises (including Equifax and AVEVA), primarily in the financial services and technology sector. During her career, Luciana helped to coordinate the legal strategy on complex cases including data breaches, mergers, and global trading of software licenses.

That experience led Luciana to realize a common issue: not having standardized and tracked contracts at hand to prepare for complex negotiations.


Lucio holds an LLM in International Business Law and has experience in leading startups as a general manager. Throughout his career, Lucio has helped startups to get the contracts they need and negotiate them with small and medium-sized enterprises.

That experience has given Lucio a unique perspective on the importance of efficient contract processes – essential to prevent businesses from losing out on prospects and from failing in the auditing process.

Beyond a Contract Management Solution

We created Cheers as a result of seeing the struggle that many SMEs have and the consequences of not getting it right.

We see contracts as an opportunity, not a cost.


Businesses can stall when they cannot easily and quickly get the contracts they need.
Finding, retaining, and communicating with a lawyer can be a time-consuming process, which delays operations.


Disparate sources of contracts can lead to disorganization. Some contracts may still be paper-based while others are electronic – this leads to a dispersal of information, and useful insights can be lost.


Decision-makers can steer the business based on performance and needs, using the contract portfolio as a data source.